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All experienced sales professionals agree that qualifying prospective clients is one of the key elements in the sales process. Incorrectly or not thoroughly assessed inquires lead to bad prioritization, and divert sales resources from their ultimate goal, selling. In this article, you will find key questions that may provide support along the important journey of customer classification.

What do you aim to achieve? What are your current goals?

Especially when it comes to beginner salespeople, they are often so happy for the feeling of having found...

Saftey at work

The Coronavirus crisis will go down in history as one of the most notorious pandemics of all time. Its effect will last for years to come. Many companies are shutting down and laying off workers because of the Covid-19. However, some critical sectors are looking for more ways to protect their staff during this period. The manufacturing industry is one of the most critical sectors that need to safeguard their staff. That is because goods need to be produced to meet the demands of the general public. Here, we will discuss how to keep workers of the manufacturing industries safe amidst the...


The World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic in March 2020, demanding more than 66 million lives, while also affecting the global economy on every level and in every industry. Although the disease speeds up innovation in many areas including telecommunication, IT, and project management, there are industries employing blue-collar workforce, that are unable to issue home office for their workers. How does the manufacturing and construction industry adapt to this new world, and how can staffing companies support them?